Finishing Up 2011

Josh and Abbie met Misty May Traenor, Olympic Beach Volleyball Gold Medalist, which was amazing & inspiring for Abbie!

Josh getting a mini VB signed for Abbie’s coach.

Aana & Upa took James to a class on making bat houses… He LOVED it. He and Upa spent the next couple weeks building several bat houses. James knows where the best places to hang the houses on our property is to encourage bat-living. We have hung one bat house and will get the rest of them hung on our trees as soon as the weather allows.

Abbie’s team ended their 9th grade VB season as league champs! Abbie was awarded Team Captain & Most Inspirational. Of course, we are so proud of her! She is currently beginning her club season and is headed to her 1st tournament of the season this coming weekend!!

We celebrated Josh’s 40th Birthday with a weekend trip to Vegas!

Dressed up and headed out for a night on the town!

We got in trouble for sneaking McDonald’s french fries into these seats ~ Opps!

Sitting down to rest and relax after walking the strip.

Hawks Volleyball

Abbie played a great season with her high school volleyball team!

The girls finished the season as League Champs!

James always had fun at the games too – not because he enjoyed watching his sister.. he liked having the freedom to cruise the building and visit the snack bar.

The girls with Coach Mary at their end of season bannquet.

Abbie & Kohl were tied for Most Inspirational Player — Way to go ladies!

Hockinson Fun Days

Hockinson Fun Days has become an annual event for our family! We love the pancake feed, parade, and community spirit this event brings!

Hockinson TKD held a demonstration at the Fire Dept.

James breaking the board Master Clint is so bravely holding!

Abbie, drum majorette, marching with the band in the parade!

Madi, Mitchell & Chandler getting ready to head down to the food & festivities!

The HS Volleyball Team ~ Abbie missed marching with them as she was with the band…

Parade over & getting ready to catch up with friends!

James in his tap dancing costume ~ he performed with his class during the Country Friends End-of-Year Show!

Abbie in May

Abbie ended up having a great time in track this year. She wasn’t sure she wanted to go out as the Club VB season was just coming to a close… she ended up being so HaPpY for going out as she realized she’s quicker than she thought she was AND she loves to sprint! She also stepped in and ran the 4 x 100 / 4 x 200 relays with a group of her buddies!

She tried out for and made Drum Majorette! She and another 8th Grader led the band in the Hazel Dell Parade! I was so proud of her and wanted to chase the band the entire parade route… Her look at me when I started jumping up & down screaming her name told me a very different story… I stayed put!

Nana & Granddad made it up for the weekend and got to hang with us at the parade and watch their “Little Angel” march by!

James enjoyed the candies & popsicle that were handed out during the parade!

Catching Up with VB

Volleyball has become a family event! James is now the Official Ball Shagger for The Wildcats. Abbie is keeping score, Josh is reffing a game, and James is being occupied with a fishing game.

Josh & Abbie after practice

Last night after practice, Josh took all the girls out for ice cream as a celebration for taking 1st in their bracket this past weekend!



Each year the middle school has a VB fundraiser ~ The kids create teams where each pays 20 bucks to get into this tournament and they play  each other on a Friday night at the high school from 6:00 till midnight.  Abbie was captain of her team this year, which put her in charge of T-Shirts.

The design of the T-shirt this year required some prep work…We created an assembly line and pushed through 9 shirts in just a few hours:

I used this handy-dandy little machine to cut out iron-on stencils

Abbie finalized the stencils by cutting the middle pieces out

while Josh ironed the stencils and player names onto the shirts.

The next day, the team came over and painted their shirts…

The shirts came out super cute! Of course, I don’t have pictures of the final product. 8th grade girls are hard to catch… they are always busy & on the go!




Busy Boy

James shared his taekwondo skills with the community at a demonstration during the school district’s annual Book Swap.

My camera was slow & missed James’ Axe Kick – with this kick he broke a board!

Showing us some of his moves

This month James also participated in the kindergarten concert.

He had lots of fun singing with his friends!

After the show we went for ice cream ~ where Maya decided she enjoyed her Dad’s cone more than her own cup o’ sherbert!

Tiger Stripes

After months of training, James tested and earned his tiger stripes… He is now officially a Taekwondo white belt.

The night of his test, he was so nervous & excited. Josh went through all the material with James one last time. James had it down with ease… we were just hoping he wouldn’t get stage fright!

Josh sharing his sweet moves…

The test included James doing 100 Round House kicks with both legs. 10 crunches. and some other physically grueling activities for any 5 year-old. I sat and watched almost wishing I’d kept him home at first because it all looked so difficult. He kept up and was having a great time…

In a ceremonial fashion each student came up and did a back-kick to break the board Mr. Chris was holding. James’ board broke into 3 pieces with his 1st kick!

Ms. Teri gave James his tiger stripes while Master Clint signed James’ broken board. What a proud little boy he is.

Amara’s in Soccer

Last Saturday we woke to a sunny sky & decided it was the perfect morning to watch Amara play soccer. We didn’t plan well, and missed the entire game. The good part was we did get a chance to catch up with Derek’s family while all the kids ran and played at the playground.

Unkle Derek spun the girls on the tire swing until they were sick in their tummies!

Amara introduced us to some  friends on her team.

I followed my favorite little scrunchy-bug around. She wants to be a big kid so bad, so we went down the slide. She loved it.

Abbie LOVES her time with Unkle. He is fun and always checks in with her about school & sports. Plus, he is a BIG kid on the playground and knows how to play hard ~ which Abbie & Chandler love…

Our Girl

She has stayed busy all year in sports;  is just finishing up the club volleyball season and is well into track. She amazes us every day. She is running the 400, 100 meter hurdles, and long jump (and doing well in all!) At the meet yesterday, Abbie took 2nd in the 400 and 3rd in hurdles… Way to go!

Volleyball at Nafunua

Last Saturday we spent the day watching Abbie and the Wildcats play some great volleyball games!

The girls have become a very close team, they support each other through practice and games. The coaches have been wonderful at teaching the girls skills and staying positive, even when the girls make a mistake. The learning that happens when the girls are not afraid to go out there and try has been amazing!

Abbie was easy to spot cause she is wearing those pink and black striped socks!

The day was beautiful. It was sunny and warm. When the girls were not playing or helping out on the court, they enjoyed the fresh-air and sunshine.

James was a trooper through the 8 hours of volleyball. When he wasn’t hanging out in the gym watching his sister play, he was out catching bugs and playing on the track.

It was all just too much for James and he fell fast asleep on the way home.

Abbie on the other hand, was excited and having fun! She planned a sleep-over and movie night. It was the day New Moon was released on DVD!! She and friends watched the movie 3 times in an eight hour period.

Excellent playing Miss Abigail! It was a fun day!