James + Reptiles = Birthday Party

We invited The House of Reptiles to James’ 7th birthday party. They gave a 50 minute, hands-on presentation to James and many of his friends. It was so interesting and informative, at times I was wishing the kids would go play upstairs so I could ask the questions I had!

The teacher in me had to maintain some kind of order, so I set the whole presentation area up like a classroom… It ended up being a good idea as kids did get a little wiggly after 50 minutes!

Many different reptiles and one large arachnid.

A very brave Abbie

The kids had fun decorating cake pops with bug candies & frosting.

James had a pretty awesome party!

3 thoughts on “James + Reptiles = Birthday Party

  1. Holy moly! I love that you invited more animals into you house! It looks like an amazing party. I bet that 7 year old (how is he already 7?) loved ever minute of it. Way to go!!!

    I’m also loving the new periwinkle header. Very fresh! :-)

  2. oh so awesome…all those critters in your house…you are such a good mama! james must have been in heaven!!! love it! i know rick would have not even gotten close to that snake…he would have FREAKED!

    and like erin…i can’t believe james is 7 years old…dang!
    love ya.
    miss ya.

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