It’s Been Too Long…

I have been hoping to get back into blogging again and with the new app for my phone, it’s going to make it so easy!
This is a ‘test’ post.


2 thoughts on “It’s Been Too Long…

  1. Dude where is my photo of your sisters family – since you are catching up… :) PS we got so tired of playing phone tag – we gave up ;)

    Hope you are having a great spring.

  2. i have had such a hard time getting back into blogging. i have the same app on my phone and my iPad…but for some reason just can’t get my groove back into it…i have one week left before i go back to work and i was hoping to have my blog caught up before my summer break was done…maybe next week…giggle! i totally get where you are coming from and wish you luck with the app! btw…abbie and james are so cute! i am so sad how quick our kiddo’s are growing up…hugs!

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