1st Day Photos :-)

Ever since Abbie started Pre-school, I have made her a school sign the night before the BIG day with the year, grade level, school, and town if different than the year before… we are approaching our tenth year of “First Days” with Abbie and our third year with James. It is always fun to look back at the cute little faces, styles, and where we were living! Once Josh and I graduated from college and began teaching, I made signs for us too… the tradition lives on & each year we all get our picture taken on the 1st day of school! Max even made it into the pictures this year!

 Abbie starting her 1st year in high school:

James starting 1st grade:

Josh beginning his year as associate principal at a new middle school:

Stacie and James ~ both headed off to the Primary School. Stacie as Reading Specialist & James as a big 1st grader!

Excited about the 2011-2012 school year!

James found his desk in Mrs. Smith’s classroom.

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