Warrior Dash

I ran my first 5k ~The event was called The Warrior Dash  and they say it will be “the craziest frickin’ day of your life”and it was pretty crazy!

My friend, Melinda, is the one who told me about the race and how you run a 5k and have to overcome several obstacles along the way (14 to be exact!). I sat on it for a couple weeks and one evening decided to join in the wild-crazy-fun! I bought my spot in the Warrior Dash!!

The day of the event came and I was so nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I could easily run a 5k, but was unsure about the trail and obstacles. I had good reason to be worried… in fact, the race itself was mostly uphill on unsteady ground. I fell only one time, didn’t hurt myself with the exception of a skinned up knee. And the obstacles were way more difficult to overcome than I had anticipated ~ wow!

I should have done more ‘training’ on upper arms! The first obstacle we had to jump into a pond which was quite deep, I could touch the bottom, barely. With the hundreds of other people, we had to attempt to jump up and over 4 different logs. It was slippery, muddy, soggy, and kinda scary in the deepish water. We also had to climb up and over, across, down many different things. This required stability, arm strength and bravery! We ran across old, rusty cars (tetnus, anyone?), through fire and finally down a muddy hillside (which was fun) on our way to the finish!

At the end, I was feeling exhausted and so proud of myself! I really had to push myself at times to complete some of the obstacles and had to really push myself to keep moving up those never-ending hills!

We were hungry, but before we could think about eating… we needed to remove some of that mud! It was caked on everywhere! The water for cleaning up didn’t look much less muddy than we were, but it did the trick!

My tank top was pink before the race ~ now it’s a nice brown.

All cleaned up and ready to proudly wear our warrior helmets!

This little device timed my race AND served as a free beer token!

Of course, we were in need of some serious protein… so we all devoured a turkey leg!

It was a seriously crazy-fun day! I love that Melinda invited me and I actually did it, I completed the Warrior Dash!

4 thoughts on “Warrior Dash

  1. I am so darn proud of you! You’re a rock star!

    I hate to even think about the number of times I’d fall during a race like that… as we know, my track record is not so good. ;-)

    Way to go, Stacie! Just one more affirmation that you can do anything you set your mind to!

  2. impressive…my knees would have totally collapsed…you should be so proud of yourself! and it is always fun to get muddy and then have a beer at the end!!!! :)

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