Happiest Homecoming on Earth

The theme for homecoming was Disney – Happiest Homecoming on Earth -

The kids all decided to meet at the Picard’s House to get ready, have dinner, and then carpool to the event. It worked out very well and everyone had a great time!

The girls helping each other get ready…

Minnie Mouse & Tinkerbell – Abbie & Lauren!

The girls are all dressed up and ready to go!

The boys are all duded up and ready…

Abbie & Mitchell as Minnie & Mickey Mouse

A great 1st High School dance!

2 thoughts on “Happiest Homecoming on Earth

  1. I just love it! What an adorable Minnie Mouse.

    What exceptional memories that sweet girl of your’s will have.

    p.s. I already left this comment, but it didn’t recognize my e-mail. So, I’m leaving it again. :-)

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